All You Need To Know About Game Development


Different businesses look for profitable sectors to make investments in and are in the constant lookout for the sectors that have a great future scope. One of the most lucrative and successful avenues is game development. 

It possesses unparalleled future scope and provides large opportunity to investors and game development teams. 

Games show a lot of promise, but you need to make sure that you select the right genre and a game development company that can envision your dream of success.


We have experienced professionals that are well-versed in different development languages and game engines. This helps us create games bound to satisfy the gamers’ thirst for hyper-realistic and intuitive games.  

Understanding what game development entails is fairly important before making up your mind about developing or marketing games as a business. If you have a killer game idea, you only need to find the leading game development company and then market the game to and if your game elements impress the general public, you are in for a huge success. 

The game development industry has seen a huge rise in the past decades. From background score to gameplay and character development to storyline – all these things need to be planned and carefully crafted to ensure a hit!

What Is Game Development?

The game development is a complex thing, first you need to develop an idea or a concept for the game – then you need to program, render, record, mix and test till you have a final product. 

All the stages from designing, developing, and releasing the game are important for its success. When creating a game, it is important to consider the game rewards, mechanics, level design, and player engagement. 

Different individuals fulfil different roles, so it may take tens of people to develop a single game. The project can be as large or as small as you like. As long as the player can interact with the game content and change the game’s elements, the program can be referred to as a “game”. 

Coding is not necessary for all game development tasks. The artists create and design different game assets while the developer will focus on different programming levels and the gameplay. Additionally, a tester checks if the game performs as it should. 

Different tools can be used to test game elements. 

In the next section, we will discuss the various roles associated with game development in detail.

Distinct Roles Associated With Game Development


The game development is a tricky process and it involves different stages, resources and roles. Whether you are looking to enter this industry as a professional or need to create a new game, you need to know about the different roles associated with this process. 

Some key professional roles associated with this process are listed below: 

  • Game Designer
  • Game Animator
  • Game 3D Artist
  • Game Developer
  • Game Tester
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Game Designer

The professional involved in planning the game layout, the level structure, and the entire game layout is known as the game designer. They use their skills to plan the storyline, its characters, the game environment, and other key features. So, whether you are developing games for the mobile devices or the console, the game designers will visualize the game and all its features! 

  • Game Animator

The main role of game animators is to add animation graphics into the gameplay. They are also charged with dealing different visual and audio effects in the game. 

  • Game 3D Artist

The 3D artists work with the game animators and designers to add 3D elements to the game. They use multiple development engines and software to give the game an improved look. 

  • Game Developer

One of the main roles of game developers is to bring the game design to life with functional code. The game developers should have a firm grip on the programming languages and should be able to automate game features. 

  • Game Tester

The game tester identify and fix bugs within the game. They identify errors in the game levels, environment and other core areas. 

  • Quality Assurance Engineer 

The QA engineers perform final checks on the game and test the game experience before it is launched to the general audience.

Understanding The Growth Of Game Development

There is no doubt that the game development genre is continuously growing. Growth has been seen in this industry in the past decade. 

There are a number of reasons why game development is booming. One of the obvious reasons is the increase in the game industry. As the video game become more accessible to the audience, more people are considering participating in the industry and want to know what goes on behind making the games. 

Another reason is the increased use of the internet. Many people are looking for easy ways of entertainment, and that is possible with the help of online games.

Here Is The List Of Some Growth Patterns And Trends Of Gaming Industry

  • Due to the sudden economic crisis due to the pandemic, almost every industry is impacted. The gaming industry has shown exception to this as there has been a constant rise in the console and PC games over the past few years.
  • We have seen many physical sports event cancellations in the past years. This has brought some silver lining to online gamers as they can enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their homes.
  •  Global quarantine has also enhanced the viewership of the online game streaming platforms. 
  • In the upcoming year, the global revenue for the video gaming industry is expected to be $154.6 billion. 
  • Video game industry is showing steady growth and is likely to have an estimated net worth of $268 billion by 2025. 
  • China possesses the biggest gaming market of gaming – they lead both in terms of production and gamers’ count. 
  • From the overall gaming revenue, more than 70% is from mobile game apps.

Different Genres Of Online Games

Like movies and other entertainment industries, games are also divided into different genres. Some primary genres in which games are divided are listed below: 

  • Action Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Sports Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Action-Adventure Games
  • Role-playing Games
  • Action Games

In these games, the character performs actions that involve physical challenges or different gaming tasks. 

  • Adventure Games

The adventure games have a unique gameplay that is developed from text based stories. The main theme of these games revolve around exploration. 

  • Simulation Games

These games are designed to emulate fictional reality and other events based on science fiction. 

  • Sports Games

Sports game imitate different physical sports such as baseball, baseball, football and soccer etc. players can either play against the computer bots or live opponents. 

  • Strategy Games

In these games, the players need to formulate a strategy to overcome different challenges in the game. 

  • Puzzle Games

Puzzle games involve solving different puzzles and problems to advance in the game. 

  • Action-Adventure Games

These games are a mix of two different genres. They include the action element with game-long obstacles that are conquered using different tools provided in the game. 

  • Role-playing Games

These games mostly consist a medieval or fantasy setting and you get to play odd roles as you progress in the game.

Best Game Development Software You Need To Know About!

Various game development tools and technologies help build engaging and high-quality games. With the help of following game engines, you will be able to create games in varying genres. 

Unity 3D

Unity game engine has lot of wonderful tools for designing 3D content and this is one of the best game engines to use when you want to create cross-platform builds. You will also get access to different ready-made assets. 

You will also enjoy minimum costs when you use unity engine and create eye-catching and highly interactive games. It offers flexibility when deploying or merging different projects. 

Unreal Engine 4

It is one of the most popular game development engines in the world. It is released by Epic Games and one of the most popular games that has been developed using this engine is Batman. Unreal Engine 4 can help you create dynamic lighting and has wonderful graphic abilities. With this game engine, you will be able to provide a wonderful gaming experience to the users. 

Cocos2d -X Game Engine

This is the best platform for creating 2D games for mobile and computers. It uses a powerful API that can help you develop exceptional 2D games. Some popular 2D games made from this engine are hill climb racing, bad land and 2048. It supports multiple languages, but you will not be able to create console games with this engine. 


J2me Game Engine

Java 2 platform, also known as J2me game engine,, is used to develop applications that support wireless devices. The game engine will give you access to essential utility programs and will provide multiple security features. 

CryEngine 3

Cryengine is one of the most popular game development engines in the world. One of the best features of this game engine is that once the changes are made in an object, the content will automatically be compressed and optimized for different platforms. It helps create more realistic games. This is the perfect game development engine for you when you plan to create 3D games with exciting game visuals.

What Are The Stages Of Game Development

Game development is the process of creating, building and designing games from the concept to the launch phase. The process involves multiple steps; each requires a unique set of skills and a dedicated team of motivated developers. Following are some of the main stages of game development: 

  • The Concept Phase
  • The Design Phase
  • The Development Phase
  • The Production Phase
  • The Testing Phase
  • The Launch

The Concept Phase

The concept phase is one of the most important one. In this phase, the concept creators and developers decide upon the game’s overall features and concepts. The concept phase involves creating the game’s overall missions, levels, objectives and storyline. 

The Design Phase

The phase includes designing and planning the game environment. The designers use powerful code to bring the virtual design to reality. The design phase also includes creating unique features, characters and landscapes that make the game unique and attractive. 

The Development Phase

When the design of the game is ready, the developers write immaculate code to bring the game to life. Developers integrate and implement every single feature into the game in this phase.

The Production Phase

The production phase is similar to the development phase and mostly involves adding visual and audio effects to the game environment. It also includes integrating game levels. 

The Testing Phase

The testing phase involves testing the game features. Testers and developers work hand-in-hand to find bugs in the game. These bugs in the gameplay and game environment are fixed before the game is released. 

The Launch

The game finally launches in the market. Different marketing and non-technical aspects are planned in this phase. 

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